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During my time at Mr.Frank, I developed the creative concept and executed a new project called #FrankLAB.

This project exists as an online campaign that involves and inspires young editors with a wild eye. 

There was a need for us to create a new way to engage our online audience and strengthen our image as a brand. As a youthful and experimental production company, it was important to evolve something that felt cutting edge and exciting. The project also acted as a solution to reviving archived footage. 


We did an online call out for experimental editors to apply to be part of the project with their portfolio - the crazier the better. 

If their style was aligned with the vision of #FrankLAB, we gave the artist access to an album of footage from the Mr.Frank archives, which they could take and use in whatever way they wish. The only rules are that the delivered work is formatted as a square and the video cannot be longer than 10 seconds. 

We then created a feature of the artist to go alongside their piece, which is published on the Mr.Frank instagram, facebook and newly launching website. 

Check out some of the content and final films below. 

unnamed (1).gif
unnamed 2.gif
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